LINCS Community Moderator Application (Preview)

Application Form for the Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS) Online Community Moderator Position

All applicants must confirm that they are able to meet the following conditions to be considered for the Online Community Moderator position. The applicant will:

  • Dedicate 10-12 hours a week to fulfill the tasking outlined in the position description;
  • Moderate at least two to three groups;
  • Meet the established pre-requisite skills outlined in the position description;
  • Attend meetings with the project team on a monthly/quarterly basis;
  • Participate in required training prior to starting as a moderator to begin approximately three weeks prior to start date;
  • Participate in ongoing professional training to develop online facilitation skills; and
  • Commit to serving in their role for at least one year.


Full Name:  
Organizational Affiliation:  
Phone Number:  
Email Address:  
LINCS Username  
Highest level of education:  
Group Topics of Interest: Note up to four topic preferences in priority order (see position description for list of topics) 1.

Please provide detailed responses to the following questions. Applications are due by December 31, 2014.


  1. Briefly describe your experience working with adult learners or in an adult education setting.
  2. Do you have any prior experience using LINCS? If so, please describe how you have interacted with LINCS.
  3. Please describe your vision as a moderator for the LINCS Community.
  4. Which of the group topic areas are you most interested in moderating and why?
  5. Moderation often calls for you to draw upon your own experiences to provide examples in a discussion. What role(s) can you draw upon (e.g. teacher/instructional, professional development, program management) that would enhance the user experience in your groups?
  6. What experiences and/or skills do you possess that you believe will enhance the LINCS Community groups and benefit participants?
  7. Identify your top three strategic goals for the LINCS Community that can be accomplished by you serving as a community moderator.


  1. Describe your overall experience with facilitating online learning environments (in the last 5 years).
  2. List all types of online venues you have facilitated.
  3. Provide links or documentation to demonstrate your experience.
  4. Describe any formal training or professional development you have participated in for online facilitation/moderation (in the last 5 years).
  5. One of the most important responsibilities of a community moderator is to empower the audience and give the community a voice. What are some strategies you would employ to help nurture the audience’s voice?
  6. Please provide a writing sample that illustrates your ability to communicate effectively in an online venue. This could include a blog post, online newsletter, community posts, etc. You can provide a link to your best examples.


Please rate your comfort level using the following technologies.

  4 Very comfortable 3 Fairly comfortable 2 Not very comfortable 1 Never used/
Creating a discussion thread        
Commenting on a discussion thread or blog post        
Embedding links (hyperlinking)        
Creating a user profile        
Posting pictures        
Using social media tools        
Installing updates to software you utilize        
Basic knowledge of using a webinar platform (as a host)        
Participating in a webinar        
Facilitating a webinar        


 (List two people who can provide a professional reference with regards to your online experiences.)

Name & Title Daytime Phone Number Email Address


Online Community Moderator Application