[Assessment 1091] New Study on NRS Level Gain Using BEST Plus

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Sarah Young syoung at cal.org
Tue Jan 8 10:07:20 EST 2008

The Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) is pleased to announce the
availability of our latest digest, "Effects of Instructional Hours and
Intensity of Instruction on NRS Level Gain in Listening and Speaking."
The digest reports on a descriptive study examining the relationship
between student performance on BEST Plus and NRS level gain and class
attendance. BEST Plus pretest and posttest data for nearly 7,000
examinees were analyzed to see how their performance at each National
Reporting System (NRS) educational functioning level varied according to
number of instructional hours and intensity of instruction. Results
showed that across all NRS educational functioning levels, the greater
the number of instructional hours, the higher the percentage of students
who made an NRS level gain. There was also a general trend toward
greater NRS level gain for students with high levels of instructional
intensity than for those with low instructional intensity. Intensity of
instruction had the greatest impact on students at the Beginning ESL
Literacy, Low Intermediate ESL, and Advanced ESL levels. To read the
full digest, you may view and download a complimentary copy from

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