[Assessment 1095] J. Michael Parker Award

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David J. Rosen djrosen at comcast.net
Sat Jan 19 15:30:39 EST 2008


Forwarded for Eric Jacobson to many discussion lists. Sorry if you
get duplicate posts. Please get the word out to eligible colleagues.

From: ejonline at comcast.net
Date: January 18, 2008

National Reading Conference - J. Michael Parker Award

The National Reading Conference awards the J. Michael Parker Award to
encourage research in adult literacy. The award is given to graduate
students and untenured professors who present research on adult
learning or education at the annual conference. The award was
established in 2001 in honor of J. Michael Parker, winner of National
Reading Conference’s Student Research Award. Recipients of the award
receive a small cash award to be used for conference expenses and are
recognized during a general session of the conference.

The award is presented to both papers with a single author and to co-
authored papers. For single authored papers, the recipient will
receive $500 and a plaque commemorating the award. For co-authored
papers, the recipients will each receive a plaque and will decide
amongst themselves how to divide the $500 award.

Committee members will rate the submissions on the following criteria:

1. The research is capable of making a significant contribution to
theory and/or practice of adult learning and instruction.

2. The methodology is appropriate to the research question and of
sufficient rigor.

3. Implications of the research are of a scope needed to impact the

Applicants will be notified of the results prior to the conference,
and the plaque and honorarium will be presented to the winner during
a plenary session at the conference.

Applicants are required to submit the full paper (25 pages or less)
electronically by October 1st. Papers must be double-spaced and in 12-
point font. The text limit does not include references and any

When submitting applications for the conference, those interested in
the award should indicate that they will be applying for the J.
Michael Parker Award (noted at the bottom of the personal information

Submissions and questions should be sent to the committee chair, Erik
Jacobson, at jacobsone at mail.montclair.edu (replace at with @, no

Previous Winners


Amy Johnson - “Literacy as Answerable Response: A Life History
Portrait of an African American Woman in a Rural Southern Community”

Kristin Perry - “More than Language Translation: Culture, Text and
Genre Aspects of Literacy Brokering among Sudanese Refugees”


Robin Waterman - “The Value of Mexican mothers, The Power of
Effective Adult Education: Fueling viable parent involvement through
school-based ESL classes”