[Assessment 1194] Re: Multiple Intelligences and Differentiated Instruction--registration opens

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Forrest Chisman forrest at crosslink.net
Fri Feb 8 13:38:48 EST 2008

Very interesting. Anyone going to try it?


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Subject: [Assessment 1181] Multiple Intelligences and Differentiated
Instruction--registration opens

World Education is pleased to offer Multiple Intelligences and
Differentiated Instruction as an online training.

The course syllabus and registration details are attached. Contact Kaye
Beall at kaye_beall at worlded.org with questions.


Adult Multiple Intelligences and Differentiated Instruction

Course Dates: March 12–May 13, 2008; Online chats during Lessons 3, 4, and 5

Course Description

Research conducted by the National Center for the Study of Adult Learning
and Literacy shows that instructional practices inspired by Multiple
Intelligences (MI) theory resulted in high levels of authentic instruction
and student engagement.

Integrate your understanding of Multiple Intelligences (MI) theory with the
power of differentiated instruction in this facilitated, eight-session
course. You’ll learn how to apply MI theory and differentiate instruction
for all levels of adult basic education and English for speakers of other
languages. The facilitator will guide you as you develop your own MI-based


Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

*Apply the theory of multiple intelligences (MI) to design learning
activities that match your learning objectives

*Use varying methods of differentiated instruction (DI) that address the
different skills and interests of your learners

*Apply knowledge of your own MI profile to your classroom teaching

*Produce and reflect on a lesson or unit using both MI and DI

Required Text:

Viens, Julie and Silja Kallenbach. Multiple Intelligences and Adult
Literacy: A Sourcebook for Practitioners. (New York: Teachers College Press,
2004. Copies of the required textbook can be obtained from the publisher,
Teachers College Press (TCP), the publisher at
http://store.tcpress.com/0807743461.shtml. The cost is $27.95 per copy.

Course Format and Schedule: facilitated, online

During this eight-week course, you will engage in self-paced activities and
readings, as well as asynchronous discussions with the facilitators and
course participants. Three synchronous chats will be scheduled during
Lessons 3, 4, and 5.

Syllabus: See attached PDF—AMI Course Details.

Course Facilitator: Wendy Quiñones

Estimated Completion Time: 40 hours

Registration: Complete and return the attached registration form-[PDF].
Payment must be received prior to enrollment. Registration is limited to 20

Cancellation policy: World Education reserves the right to cancel the course
if the minimum number of registrants is not met by March 4, 2008.

Kaye Beall

Project Director

World Education

6760 West Street

Linn Grove, IN 46711


kaye_beall at worlded.org


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