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Evelyn Renner no longer travels to present her workshops but has put together some tools for instructors and tutors. I have not used the GreatStart5 program, but suspect the materials are of the same high quality as others from E. Renner Associates.

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Thanks for this!

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I knew that Lynn Savage had developed a series of these some years ago, so i emailed her to ask if they were still available and also if she knew of others.

What follows is the information that she sent:

The title of our series is Teacher Training through Video.? The publisher is Longman/Pearson.? The videos are now on two DVD's -? 6 lessons each - 1 on lesson planning and 5 on lower level techniques on one DVD; the other 6 of high level techniques.

About the time we did ours a woman from New York (I can't remember her name now) also did a series with federal dollars.? I believe they were published through Laubach Literacy or ProLiteracy.? I don't know if they are still available.?

The Toronto Board of Education also did something called TESL Vision: A Video Resource for TESL teaching.? I used part of one of them when I was doing Peace Corps training.? As I recall, their apporach is more reflective and less didactic than TTTV.

Thanks, Lynn.



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