[Assessment 1258] End of FOB list

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This page contains archived content from a LINCS email discussion list that closed in 2012. This content is not updated as part of LINCS’ ongoing website maintenance, and hyperlinks may be broken.

Marie Cora marie.cora at hotspurpartners.com
Fri Feb 15 12:51:13 EST 2008

The following post is from Julie McKinney.


Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry that this snuck up on us, but the FOB list is, sadly, ending
on February 29th. Focus on Basics, the publication, has two more issues
funded and in the works, but is still looking for a permanent funding
source. Without such a source, we are unable to continue this list as
one of the topics on the National Institute for Literacy Discussion

During the last week in February we will have FOB editor, Barb Garner,
share some reflections and thoughts, and we will tell you more about the
other discussion lists that will continue to provide a forum to discuss
adult literacy research and practice.

I do hope that you can all join us for our last discussion next week!

More to follow,

Hi Everyone,

Those last two messages may have been confusing, so I just want to
clarify the next two weeks on the FOB list.
Here's what's happening:

Feb. 18-22: Guest Discussion with Robin Schwarz on Impediments to ESOL

Feb. 25-29: Informal talk and reflections with Barb Garner about FOB and
this list.

Feb. 29th: Last day of FOB discussion list :(

In the next few months: Two new issues of FOB on numeracy and health
literacy! :)

Please join us for these last list events!

All the best,

Julie McKinney
Discussion List Moderator
World Education/NCSALL
jmckinney at worlded.org