[Assessment 1268] Re: FW: [ProfessionalDevelopment 1976] Goal Assessment for Adult Learners

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Robin Millar r.millar at uwinnipeg.ca
Fri Feb 22 09:43:02 EST 2008

I suggest you contact Pat Campbell at
E-mail Address(es):
pcampbell at interbaun.com

Pat has been researching various modes of assessment in basic skills.

Dr. Robin Millar
Executive Director
Centre for Education and Work
515 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3B 2E9

>>> "Marie Cora" <marie.cora at hotspurpartners.com> 02/15/08 11:52 AM >>>


The following was recently posted on the Professional Development
Discussion List. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Marie Cora
Assessment Discussion List Moderator


I'm interested in finding out if anyone has recommendations for a
research-based assessment tool to measure students' progress toward
achieving individual goals such as life skills. Our agency is interested
in tracking personal goals of our students, but haven't been able to
find an assessment tool yet. If anyone has suggestions, please let me


Amy Rhoades
Manager of Adult Literacy Programs
Christopher House
2507 N. Greenview
Chicago, IL 60614
phone: 773.472.1083 x3082
fax: 773.472.7292