[Assessment 1275] Special COABE PreConference - Will address assessment issues for special learning needs

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NAASLN at aol.com NAASLN at aol.com
Mon Mar 10 12:12:54 EDT 2008

The National Association for Adults with Special Learning Needs (NAASLN) is
hosting a
Preconference session at COABE on Monday, April 28th. This preconference
session is critical
for all assessment initiatives at the state and local program level!

This session will target the unique learning needs of basic and literacy
education participants.  The special needs of program participants reflect the
special learning needs that, if not addressed, will also be impacting pre-post
assessments, employment, transitions, families and children.  Both national data
and programs that have addressed the special needs of participants with be

Programs that are demonstrating over 200% increases in persistence and in
post-test gains will be available to discuss the systemic changes that lead to
their successes. 

ESOL and correction programs will also be available for dialogue and
dissemination of implementation strategies leading to tremendous participant and
program outcomes.

All attendees will receive a 2008 NAASLN Membership at no cost.

Join this session by registering at the

Take advantage of early-bird registration fees!  Register NOW!

NAASLN Pre-Conference
All day session

Special Learning Needs: What can Adult Education and Literacy Programs do?

>From Identification to Interventions to Systemic Changes

Join this lively all day session and participate with leading professionals
(national experts, program administrators and instructors) on how to provide
services that actually change peoples' lives and that can demonstrate dramatic
gains in persistence and learning outcomes.  

The all day session will include:
o     Defining, establishing a set of values, and exploring the incidence of
special learning needs
o     Best practices for engaging learners
o     What is really going on?  Peeling the layers to get to the heart of why
is learner is struggling.
o     Interventions - What? Who? And the Basics of How?
o     Systemic Change - Aligning programs that practice what they preach!
o     Learner and Tutor Training on Special Learning Needs
o     Professional Development - who is doing what and the impact of PD on
systemic improvements!

Presenters include:
Barbara Arguedas, Director of Adult Basic Education, Santa Fe Community
Kaye Cockrum, Director of Adult Education and Literacy, Houston, MO
Bevin Gibson, Director, Southern Illinois Professional Development Center
Karen Hibbert, Director of Adult Basic Education, West Central Community
Joan Hudson Miller, LRS - Vision Specialist, CA
Peg Kennedy, Developmental Support Specialist, Olney Central College, IL
Susan Rathjen, Instructor, Santa Fe Community College
Robin Schwarz, ESOL and Special Learning Needs Consultant
Laura Weisel, Clinical Services, The TLP Group, Columbus, OH
...along with additional program providers that are changing lives by
identifying and addressing special learning needs!

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