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Taylor, Jackie jataylor at utk.edu
Thu Mar 20 23:17:59 EDT 2008

Dear Colleagues:

The Association of Adult Literacy Professional Developers (AALPD) is
wrapping up its annual membership drive. We actually start our
membership list from scratch each year so that we can keep our records
current and provide new ways for members to become active in the
organization. We will be launching into some exciting activities this
year but before we do, we'd like to make sure everyone who is interested
has had the opportunity to join or renew membership.


Though you can join or renew membership at any time, we hope you will do
so today. Thank you for your support. We have some exciting initiatives
coming up this year!

Best, Jackie

Jackie Taylor, Chair


jataylor at utk.edu


The Association of Adult Literacy Professional Developers (AALPD) is
hosting an annual membership drive through mid-March.

If you are working or interested in professional development and
dedicated to advancing the field, please join or renew today.

Membership is free. By joining or renewing membership each year you help
AALPD build support for adult literacy professional development while
providing members the best possible services.


Join or Renew Now: http://www.aalpd.org/membership_leadership08.cfm

AALPD is...

* a national professional organization for those working or
interested in professional development
* an affiliate of the Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE)
* a member of the National Coalition for Literacy (NCL)

Who are AALPD members?

* Professional development staff, instructors, administrators,
state staff, volunteers, researchers, and learner leaders working or
interested in professional development
* Individuals committed to advancing the field of adult literacy
professional development

How is it run?

* AALPD is comprised of a volunteer Executive Board, volunteer
chairs over committees that represent member-identified priorities for
professional development (PD standards, PD advocacy; PD research, PD
programming, PD resources)
* Volunteer committees work on PD priorities and make
recommendations to the Executive Board; major decisions go to the
membership for a vote

What does AALPD do?


* Provides programming and resources for members by:

* Hosting an annual PreConference at COABE:
* Co-sponsoring the Adult Literacy Professional
Development discussion list in partnership with the National Institute
for Literacy:
* Providing a Professional Development Registry (
http://www.aalpd.org/pdregistry/index.html) of materials to which you
can find and contribute facilitator materials

* Advances member-identified priorities for professional
* Advocates for funding for professional development

What are AALPD's plans for 2008?

AALPD will be:

* Continuing current activities
* Visioning and strategic planning for AALPD's role in advancing
adult literacy professional development
* Increasing leadership and participation opportunities with AALPD

* Finalizing the AALPD draft quality professional development
standards with feedback from the field (online and in-person at national
PD events)
* Planning the 2009 PreConference and AALPD strand at COABE
* Strengthening PD networking opportunities

What are the membership benefits?

* Membership is free!
* You can vote for AALPD officers and on special issues that arise
(Only AALPD members will be eligible to vote).
* We will send you the latest information about upcoming
trainings, events and resources.
* You can have input into the design of the COABE pre-conference
session next year (2009).
* You can choose to participate at various levels of involvement
to further member-identified PD priorities
* You can help to strengthen AALPD's voice in advocacy by
demonstrating a strong membership of concerned practitioners committed
to professional development.

How to Join: http://www.aalpd.org/membership_leadership08.cfm

Questions? Contact Jackie Taylor, Chair, jataylor at utk.edu

<http://www.aalpd.org/index.html> <http://www.aalpd.org/index.html>
<http://www.aalpd.org/index.html> <http://www.aalpd.org/index.html>

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