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This page contains archived content from a LINCS email discussion list that closed in 2012. This content is not updated as part of LINCS’ ongoing website maintenance, and hyperlinks may be broken.

Marie Cora marie.cora at hotspurpartners.com
Mon May 5 10:30:38 EDT 2008

Discussion List Tips
Here are some suggestions for maximizing your experience as a List
Member, both in terms of getting the most out of the content, as well as
minimizing the time and effort involved in following the Discussion
List. In addition to the tips below, you should always feel free to
contact me with any questions or concerns, or if you need help:
marie.cora at hotspurpartners.com
Posting to the List
Please include an email address in your signature line in at least your
first message so that subscribers can respond to your inquiry off-list
if they choose.
Please be sure that the Subject Line heading matches the content of your
message; many subscribers follow discussion threads via the Subject
Line, and often, the message content shifts as people converse, but the
Subject Line remains the same from the first posted message. This makes
it more difficult to follow discussion threads. Please remember to
check the Subject Line info and change it to appropriately reflect your
message content, if needed.
Consider whether your reply is best suited to send to only one person or
the whole group.
Managing Your Subscription
Digest Format
This format allows subscribers to receive Discussion List messages
"bundled" into one or two emails per day. The subject line will not be
topic-specific, so any replies to digest format often mean the subject
line will need adjusting before replying. Also, subscribers using digest
format do not receive the information that was posted right away.
Because of that, this option may or may not suit everyone's needs.

>From the Assessment Discussion List page:

Scroll down to Unsubscribe and other options at the bottom and enter
your subscription email address.
This takes you to a page where it asks you if you want to unsubscribe or
to log in using your password. Log in. (There is a button you can click
to have your password emailed to you if you've forgotten it.)
Once you've logged in, scroll down to where it reads "set digest mode".
Click this to "on", then scroll down further and click "submit my
Use the archives
You do not have to be subscribed to a List to use the archives, so if
you are interested in reading about certain topics, but don't want to be
a List Member, this option is open for you. (See below for more
information on using the archives.)
Just hit delete!
This is when the Subject Line can be your best friend! If the topic of
discussion just isn't up your alley, or you simply don't have the time
at the moment, the delete button is a good option. No one is making you
be a subscriber so you should feel no guilt! It's all your choice!
Often subscribers say that they just can't hit delete for fear of
missing something, but remember that all posts get logged automatically
in the archives and so when you *do* have the time or when that topic
area *does* interest you, you can go back and search for those posts in
the archives.
Using the Archives
To read full discussions, or search and read the archives, visit the
Assessment List Archives at:
The archives can be sorted by thread/subject/author.
In the right-hand toolbar:
Click on Search Archives; you can search just the Assessment archives or
all the List archives from here; search by thread, subject, or author.
Click on List Events to view information on upcoming, as well as past,
Discussion Topics.
Click on List Help for the FAQ about using the Lists.

Marie Cora
<mailto:marie.cora at hotspurpartners.com> marie.cora at hotspurpartners.com
NIFL Assessment Discussion List Moderator

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