[Assessment 1347] Institute Director Search Underway

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info at nifl.gov info at nifl.gov
Thu Jun 26 10:20:46 EDT 2008

Institute Director Search Underway

About the position:
The Director of the National Institute for Literacy works with the Institute's Interagency Group, in consultation with the Advisory Board, in determining priorities and work projects related to the national effort to improve literacy. The Director supervises and guides the Institute's staff of sixteen employees using a variety of leadership skills to encourage a high performance workplace, develop staff leadership capacity, and promote flexibility to ensure that the Institute thrives in a changing environment. The Director ensures that agency administrative, management, and contracting processes are executed in accordance with the Institute's Interagency Agreement and federal regulations and policies.

The Director serves as the senior staff person for the Interagency Group and Advisory Board to ensure the Institute fulfills its role as a leader in the field by keeping abreast of major research findings and innovations in education. The Director serves as a spokesperson for literacy issues and the Institute's liaison with literacy organizations. The Director guides strategic planning efforts, assesses future needs for projects and activities, and provides comprehensive recommendations on long-range project planning to the Interagency Group and the Advisory Board.

To learn more about the position or to apply: http://www.nifl.gov/nifl/career/NIFL_vacancy_11.html

For additional information about the Institute and its staff, please visit the National Institute for Literacy website: