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Anderson, Philip Philip.Anderson at fldoe.org
Wed Jun 25 10:54:07 EDT 2008

To: Assessment Listserv Community:

You probably are aware that the new assessment for adult English
language learners published by McGraw Hill, called TABE CLAS-E (Test of
Adult Basic Education, Complete Language Assessment - English) has
recently been approved for use the USDOE for purposes of reporting to
the National Reporting System.

In Florida, we are reviewing the test for adoption by our state board of
education as an approved assessment for our adult ELL programs. We will
be convening a group of practitioners familiar with adult ELL assessment
from around the state as an advisory group to make recommendations to
the state. If the state adds this test to its list of approved
assessments for reporting purposes, it may also specify which skills the
programs should test the students in (reading, writing, listening, and
speaking), since the test offers these options.

It would be interesting to hear about the experiences of programs that
have begun to use it. Of course, comments from anyone who has knowledge
of the test itself, but may not be using it in a program setting, are
welcome as well.

Philip Anderson

Adult ESOL Program Specialist

Division of Workforce Education

Florida Department of Education

Tel (850) 245-9450

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