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Marie Cora marie.cora at hotspurpartners.com
Fri Jul 11 09:25:50 EDT 2008

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to add this follow-up note to Forrest's recent post
regarding misconceptions with Reach Higher America. There has been some
discussion on this topic on a couple of the National Institute for
Literacy's Discussions Lists - particularly the Workplace Literacy List.
To read the thread of that discussion, go to the Workplace archives at
http://www.nifl.gov/pipermail/workplace/2008/date.html and click on the
posts that have Reach Higher America in the subject line. Feel free to
subscribe so you can join in that discussion as well (subscribe at

I'm curious to hear from subscribers what you think about this report.
What sort of implications might it have in terms of assessment of
students and accountability of programs - if you see any? If the
recommendations of the report are put into effect, what types of tools,
structures or processes would we need to better conduct assessment of
students and accountability of programs? Or perhaps we already have the
tools we need? Or perhaps this movement will not affect the
assessment/testing/accountability angle at all?

What are your thoughts?



Marie Cora
<mailto:marie.cora at hotspurpartners.com> marie.cora at hotspurpartners.com
NIFL Assessment Discussion List Moderator

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