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Soroui, Jaleh JSoroui at air.org
Thu Jul 24 11:02:14 EDT 2008

Assessing the nation's health literacy: Key concepts and findings of the
National Assessment of Adult Literacy (NAAL) describes health literacy
results from the landmark 2003 NAAL, the nation's most comprehensive
measure of adult literacy in more than a decade.

Published by the American Medical Association (AMA) Foundation and
written by Sheida White, PhD, NAAL Project Officer, this 100-page report
will be of interest to clinicians, researchers, educators, insurers, and
policy makers in both the health and education fields.

Assessing the nation's health literacy can be downloaded as a PDF at no
charge by visiting www.amafoundation.org/go/healthliteracy. Hard copies
can be purchased for $20 through the AMA Bookstore by visiting
www.amabookstore.com <http://www.amabookstore.com/> or calling (800)
621-8335 and asking for Item #OP423908.

Jaleh Behroozi Soroui

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