[Assessment 1376] Re: Learning and Assessing in Virtual and Real Worlds

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Wendy Quinones teacherwendyq at gmail.com
Sun Jul 27 12:06:30 EDT 2008

This is the topic of the decade, it seems to me, especially as at least in
ABE we are seeing more and more younger students who are way ahead of most
of us old fogies in terms of technology.

An interesting note: My 26-year-old son is in a game design program at
Champlain College. Through this, I've learned that the industry itself is
extremely dependent on teamwork, which is one of the things they teach in
this program. My son is in an internship this summer in which he is
designing games and adding levels. He was showing me some of his work,
saying, "At this level I want them to learn...and in this level they should
learn..." So game designers are definitely aware of the pedagogy invoved,
as Gee points out (fabulous book, by the way -- everybody should read it!).

I also learned through my son's program that there is a whole side of the
industry called "serious games," which I was advised a year ago to Google.
Having just done so, I just discovered the "Serious Games Blog,"
http://seriousgamesblog.blogspot.com/ which seems to be a portal for all
kinds of interesting information on educational and other games designed for
educational purposes. I'd love it if others would help me check it out!

Wendy Quinones
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