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Marie Cora mariecora at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 12:36:02 EDT 2008

Hi everyone,

This has been an interesting discussion on the benefits and challenges of
using games in learning. I encourage you to continue. However, in keeping
with the topic of this Discussion List, I'm going to ask that people be
posting with assessment in mind.

Several folks have shared either specific experiences with screen games, or
suggestions for types of games to use. I would like to hear how you close
the 'loop' when using these types of games for learning. Some of this is
certainly implied in the posts that we have read for the past few days, but
I would like to hear more specifically:

-how did you go about selecting a particular game to use (tied to needs

-what specific goals are you trying to achieve (student goal achievement)

-how do you determine if a person has mastered a particular task – as
measured against oneself and as measured against a larger peer group
(learning gains)

-how do you determine whether the skills gained within the 'screen-based
classroom tasks' are being used in the real world for real-life purposes
(transfer of skills)

I'm sure there are more catalyst questions focused on various aspects of
assessment – I just throw these out there for you to get you thinking.

Looking forward to hearing more,


Marie Cora, Moderator

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