[Assessment 1382] NCTN's College Transition Toolkit is available now!

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Kaye Beall kbeall at onlyinternet.net
Tue Aug 12 11:51:34 EDT 2008

Greetings --

The National College Transition Network (NCTN) is pleased to announce its
newest publication: The College Transition Toolkit. It is a comprehensive
guide to program planning and implementation that draws on the expertise of
practitioners from The New England ABE-to-College Transition Project and
around the country.

The College Transition Toolkit contains detailed information to help adult
educators and administrators plan for the needs of students interested in
pursuing postsecondary education and training. Chapter titles include:
Program Models; Partnerships and Collaborations; Recruitment; Assessment;
Counseling; Curriculum and Instruction; Planning; and Using Data for Program
Development. The toolkit also provides templates that you can download and
adapt for use in developing your college transition program, links to a
variety of online resources, and supplementary printable resources.

For more details about the toolkit and information on ordering yours, visit

If you have further questions about the Toolkit, please feel free to call
Priyanka Sharma at 617-385-3788 or email her at psharma at worlded.org.

Kaye Beall

Project Director

World Education

6760 West Street

Linn Grove, IN 46711


kaye_beall at worlded.org


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