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RKenyon721 at aol.com RKenyon721 at aol.com
Thu Sep 11 15:14:13 EDT 2008


I posted the message sent from your Assessment List by Ted to my LD
Discussion List and asked subscribers with experience in reading and dyslexia to
respond. I just received the first response as printed below. If other
responses are posted to my List, I will forward them to you as well.

Ted and Rochelle,

I would describe "phonemic awareness" as the ability to isolate and
manipulate the smallest sounds that make up language. If I am assessing an adult
reader to see if they have struggles with phonemic awareness, I might use tests
that (among other tasks) ask the adult to find words that rhyme
("hat/room/sat-which words rhyme?", remove sounds from a word ("say /tin/ without /t/"),
change one sound in a word ("if I say /hitter/ and change /hit/ to /bit/, what
is the new word?"), or say the sounds in a word backwards (say the sounds in
the word /tip/, now reverse the sounds-what is the word now?"). When a
students struggles with such activities, it may mean that they have weak phonemic
awareness skills and therefore will inform a program of study/tutoring to help
them improve their decoding and hence strengthen reading.

Hope this helps,

Julie Ennis M.ED
Education Consultant
Fairfax VA

Thank you,

Rochelle Kenyon

Rochelle Kenyon, Ed.D.
Moderator, NIFL/LINCS Learning Disabilities Discussion List
Center for Literacy Studies at the University of Tennessee
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