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Kaye Beall kbeall at onlyinternet.net
Mon Sep 22 08:45:20 EDT 2008

ANNOUNCING - The September 2008 issue of The Change Agent -- "Making Sense
of Climate Change"

A deeper understanding of global warming, reasons for hope, actions you can
take, opportunities for justice - these are just some of the reasons to
bring the current issue of The Change Agent into your ABE or ESOL classroom.

This issue offers 60 pages of short articles, illustrations, cartoons, math
lessons, and quizzes to break down the science, economics, and everyday
effects of global warming.

Learn about greenhouse gases, energy-saving tricks that also save money,
green jobs, justice-based solutions to climate change, and how adult
learners are teaching their kids about conservation, saying no to junk mail,
and lobbying their mayors to do more for the environment. As one Hurricane
Katrina survivor reminds us, hope comes from "learning more about a problem
and participating directly in the solution." This idea - that understanding
and participation are at the root of hopefulness - is a central theme in
this issue's articles, graphics, and lesson plans.

Visit the web site at www.nelrc.org/changeagent for information on how to

SUPPORT THE ONGOING WORK of The Change Agent to make social justice part of
the adult education classroom.

Thank you.
Cynthia Peters
cpeters at worlded.org


Kaye Beall

Project Director

World Education

6760 West Street

Linn Grove, IN 46711


kaye_beall at worlded.org


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