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Marie Cora marie.cora at hotspurpartners.com
Mon Nov 10 14:49:00 EST 2008


The following opportunity may interest some of you.

To subscribe to the Diversity and Literacy List, go to:

Marie Cora
Assessment Discussion List Moderator


I am very excited to announce that from Monday Dec. 1- Friday December 12,
Dr. Mev Miller will be facilitating the following guest discussion on the
Diversity and Literacy list: Creating networks to support women's literacy.

Mev Miller, Ed.D is an educator and consultant on issues of women and
literacy. She is the founder and Director of WE LEARN (Women Expanding -
Literacy, Education, Action, Resource, Network)
WE LEARN also sponsors: Women Leading Through Reading
http://www.litwomen.org/wltr.html and Women's Perspectives

The focus of this discussion will be on further developing a women and
literacy hub/clearinghouse for the nation. The specific focus of this
discussion will be on how can local and regional efforts gain visibility
and support through such a network/clearinghouse?

In preparation for this discussion, please start thinking about the

1) What are individuals and programs doing locally to address women's
literacy issues? For this discussion, locally means in your classroom,
program, neighborhood, community, city, state. What you are doing might be a
curriculum, a specific type of program, or any kind of organizing....and

2) What do you need to support the work you are doing?

3) Would you find regional (state or area of country) events or conferences
useful? Be specific - how and what would you need or desire? How might a
national organization facilitate regional supports?

4) How can a national clearinghouse of information specifically focused on
women's literacy issues, curriculum, and research support your work? What
do you need it to do?

Please join us for this discussion (from 12/1-12/12). To subscribe to the
Diversity and Literacy List, go to:
in the middle, if you scroll down you will see:
Diversity and Literacy
click on that and fill in the information to subscribe.
This is the critical part:
you will get an email requesting confirmation of their
subscription. You MUST respond or else, you will not be subscribed.
At the end of the discussion you can unsubscribe, by going to the
same page as mentioned above ( http://nifl.gov/lincs/discussions/
discussions.html ) and if you scroll down you will see Unsubscribe and you
should complete the information that is requested.

Thanks, and Mev and I look forward to a great discussion on creating
networks to support women's literacy.

Daphne Greenberg
Facilitator of Diversity and Literacy List
National Institute for Literacy
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