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Marie Cora marie.cora at hotspurpartners.com
Wed Nov 12 09:58:24 EST 2008

National Program Grant Opportunity

Application Deadline: November 25, 2008

Dear Colleague,

ProLiteracy is pleased to announce the third training module of the Dollar
General - ProLiteracy Performance Accountability Initiative: Communicating
Success to Stakeholders.

This day-and-a-half training will help programs to:

* build relationships with stakeholders
* develop community partnerships
* identify innovative ways to tell your program's success stories
* coordinate teams to work on communication and marketing
* diversify funding sources
* develop concise and measurable funding proposals
* prepare and use reports to demonstrate goals achieved

The content of the training is drawn from promising practices by exemplary
literacy and adult education programs across the country.

Programs that participate in the training will be asked to:

. implement one or more of the promising practices over the nine
months following the training

. share their challenges, experiences, and successful strategies
with other participants in the initiative

A stipend of $900.00 is available to support program participation in the
project. The stipend is meant to help defray travel and hotel expenses and
to help cover reporting requirements. (In an earlier email, the incorrect
stipend for programs participating for one year was listed; we apologize for
any confusion this may have caused.)

If you are interested in attending Communicating Success to Stakeholders,
please download and carefully read the Guidelines and complete the
Application form available at www.proliteracy.org
<http://www.proliteracy.org/> -
NetCommunity/Page.aspx?pid=437%26srcid=437> &srcid=437>. If you are unable
to download the documents, please email Michele Diecuch at
info at proliteracy.org.

To be considered for participation, your program must submit its completed
application attached to an e-mail to mcora at proliteracy.org by November 25,
2008. Snail mail or faxes cannot be accepted. Up to 15 programs from each
region will be selected and invited to send two people from each program to
the training.

Marie Cora
DGPA Project Manager
mcora at proliteracy.org

Marie Cora, Moderator

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