[Assessment 1491] Re: Using Data: Where to Start?

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Cole, Donielle dcole at hawthorne.k12.ca.us
Mon Dec 8 19:31:18 EST 2008

Hello Everyone,

In deciding where to start it is helpful to focus on a key question.
Identify what area of your program you would like to improve or gather
more information about. If you have an area of targeted improvement
that would be a great place to start framing your key question. Another
option would be to start by looking at your program strengths. Many
times we view looking at data as finding what's wrong with our program.
Which often is encountered by resistance. If we look at our strengths
it is a great way to validate the work that is being done in our
programs. Who doesn't like to hear what we are doing right? When
forming your key question it is important to include all stakeholders,
administration, students and staff.

As an administrator I like to approach our data from the viewpoint of
what are we doing well and what can we do better? Focusing on
continuing quality improvement is a win-win for everyone. When you look
at data it helps you to achieve your goals by telling you that what you
are doing is making a difference. Data can include both qualitative and
quantitative measures. One of the things we now do in our weekly
meetings is discuss successes in each classroom. This is important
data and it validates the work teachers do every day in the classroom.


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We would like to have more of a focus on data in our program, but it's
so difficult to know where to start - we could work on so many different
aspects of the program. Does the panel have recommendations of what to
tackle first, second, etc? Or recommendations on how to decide what to
do first?

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