[Assessment 1504] Re: Using Data: Getting Staff Buy-In

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Cole, Donielle dcole at hawthorne.k12.ca.us
Wed Dec 10 18:21:14 EST 2008

Buy in from all stakeholders is very important. Administrators are
often responsible for sharing data with funders, staff, students and
board members. What teachers are doing in their classrooms is what
leads to the student's production of the outcomes that are reflected in
your data. It is a continuum that everyone is involved in. When
getting staff buy in it is important to identify and articulate the
reason you want them to focus on using data. Initially it may be the
reality that we face in education that it is often tied to program
funding decisions and resources. Further inquiry will eventually lead
to the discovery of how the use of data can inform practice and impact
continuous quality improvement. In getting started it is important to
meet your staff where they are at. Are they ready for this change?
What are their fears? What do they hope to gain? A big part of making
this happen is viewing it as an investment. As an administrator you
have to invest resources so that your staff will be invested in the use
of data. Do they need release time for data collection and time to
discuss data with colleagues? Do they need extra paid hours for data
collection? Do they need training on how to collect and interpret data?

Here are some preliminary questions to assess the readiness of your
staff to begin using data for program improvement.

1. How do you feel about the use of data to inform program
2. What benefits do you anticipate with a bigger focus on using
3. What challenges do you anticipate?
4. What resources or support do you need to facilitate an increased
focus on data?

If you need to lay some groundwork to move your staff into the use of
data for program improvement, start with something small and gradually
narrow your focus. Our program has weekly articulation meetings in
which we discuss what is going on in the program. Looking at attendance
and assessment data, as well as feedback from program staff are regular
parts of these meetings. Over time looking at data became a part of our
program culture. It has lead to better outcomes for our students and
our teachers feel it has helped them to be able to target needs for
students and families.

Donielle Cole

Hawthorne Family Literacy Program


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How do you get staff to buy-in to a bigger focus on using data? My
staff really see this as an extra layer of effort and work at this
point. It's hard to get them to see that some initial work on this will
eventually lead to better teaching and programming. Thanks.

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