[Assessment 1539] Re: Getting staff to use data

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Carol Jones cjones at alclv.org
Wed Dec 17 09:07:46 EST 2008

Interesting discussion. In my experience, those instructors who seek to
participate in professional development opportunities are those who are open
to trying new teaching strategies and personal improvement. They are not
frightened of admitting that there is always more to learn.which seems to be
what we hope for in students too. Resistance to participation in training,
on the other hand, is not often a sign of a strong instructor. Of course,
just attending is not the important thing, but actually trying to find at
least one thing to add to the bag of tricks is the key. I'm not sure that
you can measure this formally, but I suspect that if you could review
performance reviews of both groups, you'd find that those who openly
participate in professional development are identified as better instructors
across the board.


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There appears to be the assumption that participating in professional
development improves instruction. I would not be surprised to find an small
positive effect but could it be that the 'better" instructors attend PD
while the others.....

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