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Brian, Dr Donna J G djgbrian at utk.edu
Fri Dec 2 10:54:08 EST 2011

Greetings, Diversity & Literacy Discussion List Members,

I am most pleased and excited to announce that the Workforce Competitiveness List has a discussion scheduled next week, Dec. 5-9, titled Courses to Employment: Community College-Nonprofit Partnership Approaches to Serving Low-Income Adults with staff from the Aspen Institute Workforce Strategies Initiative (AspenWSI) as our guests! Please join us for this discussion and invite colleagues who would be interested to join our list also by going to http://lincs.ed.gov/mailman/listinfo/workforce .

>From 2008 through 2011, the AspenWSI conducted Courses to Employment, a demonstration project designed to explore the role that community college-nonprofit partnerships can play in providing the unique supports and services low-income adults need to succeed in a college program, and eventually attach to and succeed in the labor market. Courses to Employment investigated six partnerships, studying the challenges adult learners face in community college, strategies and services different partnerships employ to address these challenges, roles and responsibilities of partners, program funding and costs, role of industry partners, and student outcomes. In addition to our guests from AspenWSI, workforce development professionals representing the Courses to Employment partnerships will add their experiences from this demonstration project. The workers that the Courses to Employment are meant to involve includes many of those for whom diversity issues are limiting factors, so It would add a further dimension to the discussion to have Diversity List Members probe how these learners are recruited and served in these partnerships. I would like to specifically invite you to join us on the Workforce list and add your expertise!

For resources to check-out ahead of the conversation:

Putting Adult Learners on the Road to Success, a short film from WSI illustrating the importance of community college-nonprofit partnerships, is now available. The 19-minute film<http://www.aspeninstitute.org/video/road-success-stories-courses-employment-project> features participants from two Courses to Employment partnerships (Training Futures/Northern Virginia Community College and Capital Idea/Austin Community College), who are working to help low-income adults achieve greater success in higher education and the workforce. Students comment on the assistance they received in charting a career path as well as the supports offered in navigating the college system and juggling school, work and family. Discussion is included on the importance of engaging local leaders in building these partnerships that can result in higher skills and better jobs for their residents.

Update Issue 4: Sector Initiatives and Community Colleges: Working Together to Provide Education for Low-Wage Working Adults
This publication examines how some community colleges and sector initiatives are innovating and collaborating to benefit businesses seeking skilled workers, and low-income adults seeking education that leads to higher-wage employment. April 2007. Click here<http://aspenwsi.org/publicationdetailsdb.asp?pid=35> to download as a pdf or order a copy on-line.

Courses To Employment Update (Number 2) The Price of Persistence: How Nonprofit Community College Partnerships Manage and Blend Diverse Funding Streams
This report describes how nonprofit - community college partnerships, participating in the Courses to Employment (CTE) demonstration project, leverage multiple funding streams to address the barriers of low-income, adult learners to help them persist and complete their educations in community college, and to ultimately succeed in the labor market. Click here<http://aspenwsi.org/Publications/11-005.pdf?pid=35> to download as a pdf.

Here's the agenda for the week:

Monday, December 5th
Overview of Courses to Employment
What is the Courses to Employment project and how does it work? Why are nonprofit-community college collaborations important and why should these two institutions partner together? What are some of the challenges these two institutions in particular face in working together? Several partners from community colleges and nonprofits will present a little before and after picture of why they began their partnership and what that has meant.

Tuesday, December 6th
Partnership Models
How do partnership models and the roles and responsibilities partners have used differ? What are the common themes that seem important to success?

Wednesday, December 7th
Student Outcomes
What are the outcomes students served by these partnerships achieved related to educational advancement and employment? What data and indicators were used to measure their students' success? What are some of the challenges in obtaining this data?

Thursday, December 8th
Connecting Students to Jobs
How do these partnerships engage industry, and what role does industry play in these partnerships? How do these partnerships help students get jobs? How does partnering with industry actually work, and what are the challenges in partnering? How does partnering help students connect to employment?

Friday, December 9th
Support Services and Funding Streams
What supports do students need and how do partnerships fund these supportive services?

Our guests from the Aspen Institute Workforce Strategies Initiative will be Maureen Conway, Amy Blair, and Matt Helmer. You can find out more about their backgrounds at http://lincs.ed.gov/lincs/discussions/workforce/11courses where the official announcement of this discussion is located.

Thanks for your interest, everyone. Please don't wait for someone else to ask the question or share the information that is on your mind next week, and I know we will have a good discussion!

Courses to Employment is a project we need to be aware of and the Aspen Institute is one of the major players in our field of Workforce Competitiveness. I know that this will be a discussion from which we will gain much information that will be of use in our work, and I hope you will join us for next week's discussion!

Donna Brian
Moderator, LINCS Workforce Competitiveness Discussion List
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