[EnglishLanguage 904] Online collection on Working with Literacy Level Adult English Language Learners available

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Lynda Terrill lterrill at cal.org
Fri Dec 22 12:42:03 EST 2006

Dear listers,

I wanted to let you know that CAELA's newest online resource collection--Working with Literacy-Level Adult English Language Learners--is now available at http://www.cal.org/caela/esl_resources/collections/literacy.html The collection includes links and annotations to many resources related to working with adult English language learners, who have had limited access to formal education.

I hope many of you are able to take at least a few days of vacation at this time of year. At the beginning of January I will be asking for your suggestions about what topics this list might focus on with guest facilitators, book discussions, or other activities. One suggestion I've already received is that the list focus again on literacy-level learners, but this time to share particular strategies and activities that have worked well in literacy-level classes. Another suggestion mentioned is to share experiences and strategies for developing learner-centered teaching environments. In any case, I will ask you again in the New Year.

Best wishes,

Lynda Terrill
Adult English Language Discussion List Moderator
Technical Assistance and Web Coordinator

Center for Adult English Language Acquisition

Center for Applied Linguistics

4646 40th St, NW

Washington, DC 20016

202-362-0700 ext 543

lterrill at cal.org

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