[EnglishLanguage 1806] Reading and Adult English Language Learners

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Lynda Terrill lterrill at cal.org
Mon Oct 1 07:45:29 EDT 2007

Dear subscribers,

During last Friday's National Institute for Literacy for Web cast, "From
Assessment to Practice: Research-Based Approaches to Teaching Reading to
Adults" questions were submitted about reading instruction with adult
English language learners. Below are links to a variety of resources
that may be of interest on reading and adult English language learners:

How Should Adult ESL Reading Instruction Differ from ABE Reading
Instruction? available at
Reading and Adult English Language Learners: The Role of the First
Language available at
Reading and Adult English Language Learners: A Review of the Research
available at http://www.cal.org/caela/research/RAELL.pdf
Reading and Adult English Language Learners (an online resource
collection) available at
Second Language Acquisition: From Research to Practice (an online
resource collection) available at
Teaching Reading to Adult English Language Learners: A Reading
Instruction Staff Development Program available from
"Activities to Promote Reading Development"
tivitiestoPromoteReadingDevelopment.pdf from the Practitioner Toolkit:
Working with Adult English Language Learners

Also, related to the Web cast, the Power Point slides from the
presentation are available now at
http://www.nifl.gov/nifl/webcasts/assesspractice/webcast0928.html and
the archived Web cast will be available soon.
Lynda Terrill
Adult English Language Learners discussion list moderator
lterrill at cal.org

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