[EnglishLanguage 2189] Re: Help To Do A 5-Lesson CurriculumUnit inBasic ESL

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Miller, Jane Miller_J at cde.state.co.us
Tue Mar 4 18:34:44 EST 2008

I suggest you start by downloading the Practitioner Toolkit: Working
with Adult English Language Learners. It is a very valuable resource
for teachers who are new to ESL. In Part II Activity Packets you'll
find very useful information on student orientation, needs assessment,
lesson planning, and classroom activities for communication and reading.
Part IV has top notch articles on adult ESL fundamentals - literacy
learners, assessment, learning disabilities, transition to
post-secondary, and preparation for citizenship.

You'll find the toolkit on several websites. I prefer the CAELA website
<http://www.cal.org/caela/tools/instructional/prac_toolkit.html> l

Another good resource is the ESOL Starter Kit from the Virginia Adult
Learning Resource Center. Section C provides basics for teaching
adults, Section D focuses on Planning Lessons and Section F has a
Curriculum Overview. You can download this kit at
http://www.valrc.org/esol/ Scroll down to "Publications"

A <http://www.vcu.edu/aelweb> direct link to the pdf document is:

Best regards.


Jane C. Miller
ESL Specialist / Professional Development Coordinator
Colorado Department of Education /AEFL
201 E. Colfax Ave., Room 400
Denver, CO 80203-1799
303-866-6611 (ph) 303-866-6599 (fax)
miller_j at cde.state.co.us <BLOCKED::mailto:miller_j at cde.state.co.us>


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Subject: [EnglishLanguage 2187] Help To Do A 5-Lesson CurriculumUnit
inBasic ESL

To; All DiscussionList Participants,

I would like to have some advice and guidance on how to prepare a Basic
ESL 5-Lesson
Curriculum Unit as part of my graduate studies requirement in Adult

I have not had training as an ESL teacher. I do have a Bachelor's degree
in Liberal Arts.

Can you please help?


Arnold Tan

Grad Student in Adult Education

San Francisco State University


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