[FocusOnBasics 1108] Underlying impediments that may contribute to lack of learning

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Fri Feb 22 09:55:17 EST 2008

Robin -

In addressing impediments to learning, I was hoping that you might address
what you have seen as some of the potentially underlying issues related to
culturally and linguistically different (CLD) learners that struggle with learning
to speak, read and write English. 

I know that you've seen the incidence studies of:

• vision and auditory function weaknesses in the adult basic and literacy
(about 48% have visual function weaknesses -- including participants that
were screened with their glasses on -- and 38% have auditory function weaknesses
that appear to be mostly due to lack of access to health care), and

• the high incidence of visual stress syndrome - a neurological-based
hypersensitivity to some of the colors in white light that is exacerbated with bright
fluorescent overhead lighting, white paper with black text causing too glare,
words moving, only being able to read only one word at a time, headaches,
mental confusion, lack of comprehension, difficulties focusing on printed
materials, etc. (effecting nearly 90% of adult basic and literacy education

How might these three key issues to accurately processing information be
impacting CLD learners as they learn to speak, read, and write English? The
adult basic and literacy population is alarmingly high. Do you think the
incidence of these underlying issues might as high in CLD learners?

Have you had any personal experiences with CLD learners with visual or
auditory function and/or visual stress syndrome issues that you might previously
have thought were LD or cultural issues?

Laura Weisel

Laura Weisel, Ph.D.,
Clinical Services
The TLP Group*
PO Box 21510
Columbus, OH  43221

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