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Brant Hayenga bhayenga at rrps.net
Fri Jan 6 10:55:43 EST 2012


In answer to question number 3, the researcher listed below. The information
is from his website at University of Wisconsin. I would like him to present
about his research.

Mark S. Seidenberg
Hilldale Professor
Donald O. Hebb Professor
Ph.D. 1980, Columbia

Email: seidenberg at wisc.edu This e-mail address is being protected from
spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

My research is concerned with basic questions about the nature of language
and how it is acquired, used, and represented in the brain. It has two
complementary parts. One part concerns reading, a particular use of
language. My main interest is in how reading skill is acquired by children,
and the causes of dyslexia (reading impairments). I am also commited to
exploring how the science of reading can contribute to improved educational
performance; as part of that effort I am studying the persistently low
reading achievement of minority children, many of whom are from low-income
backgrounds. In practice my reading research involves behavioral and
neuroimaging studies of children and adults, and the development of
computational ("neural network") models of normal and disordered
performance. The second part of my research concerns spoken language,
particularly how it is acquired and the mechanisms underlying comprehension.
I use the same theoretical principles and methods in studying both reading
and language. In both cases we want to understand how the skill is
acquired and its brain bases, using computational models as the interface
between the two.




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Hi all,

As a new year begins, I have started thinking about topics for discussion.

Please consider and respond to the following questions:

1) What LD-related topics would be interesting to you and would help you

2) What LD-related topics do you want to learn more about?

3) Who in the LD field would you want as a guest speaker.

4) What guest speaker topic would you benefit from?

Thanks, in advance, to those subscribers that will post their thoughts.

Rochelle Kenyon

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