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Kohring, Aaron M akohring at utk.edu
Wed Jan 20 16:05:20 EST 2010


You can also read about TIAN on the project's website:

Aaron Kohring
Research Associate
UT Center for Literacy Studies
600 Henley St, Ste 312
Knoxville, TN 37996-4135
Ph: 865-974-4258
Main: 865-974-4109
Fax: 865-974-3857
akohring at utk.edu

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Wow, great stuff so far!! I'd like more info on TIAN for sure!

I'm a professor of ABE/GED at Seminole State College of Florida and I
work with youth (16-17) and adults (18+). My area of expertise is
learning disabilities and math. I've been teaching math for 25 years
and LOVE IT with a passion. I serve students from a 0.0 skill level to
12.9a skill level. I'm finding a niche with the 0.0-3.0 group though.
Traditionally, they are the most fun, have the best attendance and the
strongest desire to learn I've ever seen. ;-) In the spirit of this
group, I have done much research into working with non/low literate
adults. I'd like to know more about others' experiences serving this
group and more specifically if the student(s) they serve have a learning
disability (suspected or documented). Another area of interest is the
age range that falls into this 1/2 group. I have 18 yr. olds and a
small cadre of 70 yr olds in the same class--does age affect learning

I'd also be interested in chatting anyone who has gone thru the Making
Math Real Institute at the University of California Berkeley.

I could start a MILLION discussions here! :-D


Lauri Schoneck

Lauri M. Schoneck, M.Ed
Professor, ABE/GED
Seminole State College of Florida
Sanford, FL