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John Miller 5jm at aps.k12.ne.us
Thu Jan 21 12:12:45 EST 2010

Good Morning;

I am John Miller. I teach in Alliance, Nebraska. I have thirty plus
years teaching intermediate elementary school. I taught ABE / GED from
1969-1979 during its infancy. (Three nights a week while teaching 5th
grade). When I left elementary, I returned to the ABE / GED classroom. I
find many adult students have a direct fear of math. At the Burkholder
Education Center, we have ordered color cubes, unit cubes, base ten basic
sets, learning wrap-ups for basic math facts, a game for learning
fractions and decimals, and a fraction tower card game. We have spent the
last four years finding and ordering as many manipulatives that we can to
help students see the relationships in math concepts. This year, we have
several adult students who still count and use chicken tracks to find the
answer to a simple math fact. I had purchased a book called "THE MAD
MINUTE" by Paul Joseph Shoecraft and Terry James Clukey for my personal
reservoir of teaching tools. (I have tried to get a new copy of this book,
but it is out of print. I am using this with adults to get them to master
the facts so that they can speed up their computation skills. It is
amazing for them when they find that knowing them without having to count
them causes greater gain and helps the computation skills. I would be
interested to know any other techniques, skills, materials, or strategies
others are using.

John W. Miller, AE / GED Teacher
Alliance Public Schools
1604 Sweetwater Avenue
Alliance, NE 69301

(308) 762-9883