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Patricia Donovan patricia_donovan at worlded.org
Fri Jan 22 09:13:24 EST 2010

Hello Math Friends,

I already responded to a query on our list, but forgot to introduce
myself -- I'm Tricia Donovan from World Education, Boston. I coordinate
math professional development for the State's system of adult basic
education and generate training materials for practitioners of all
levels, as well as edit the SABES Math Bulletin, which is available on
line (a new issue was just launched, and you can access it by simply
googling 'SABES Math Bulletin') -- it touches on numeracy research and
includes classroom materials.

We have recruited a team of Math Practitioner Leaders in Massachusetts,
and find this group to be tremendously helpful in initiating new
trainings and receiving feedback on policies and practices. We always
enjoy our state-wide meetings where we discuss mathematics, education,
and training. Massachusetts was part of the TIAN project and we found
their resource bundles to be a great source of activities, both
mathematical and pedagogical.

I think I did state in my first message that I am one of the co-authors
of the EMPower Math Series. Also, I am president-elect of the Adult
Numeracy Network (ANN), currently responsible for coordinating what
looks to be a very lively and informative pre-session on rational
numbers at COABE. Finally, as Sally Waldron indicated, I am working with
her to develop a contextual math workshop focusing on health careers,
while I also work on revising our Algebra for All series.

Through this list, I hope to explore resources and ideas. I'm thinking
it will be a great forum in which to raise questions that surface in
daily work.

Thanks for listening,

Tricia Donovan
World Education
44 Farnsworth St.
Boston, MA 02210
Fax 617-482-0617