[Numeracy 32] LINCS Basic Skills Collection Includes Mathematics & Numeracy

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Jean Stephens stephej2 at ohio.edu
Fri Jan 22 11:46:14 EST 2010

Hello, I am Jean Stephens and I coordinate the Mathematics/Numeracy part of
the LINCS Basic Skills Collection. I have a long history of work in adult
education, including several years teaching developmental math at the
community college level. I was a member of the group that revised the Adult
Basic and Literacy Education math standards in Ohio last year and have
recently given several math presentations. Mathematics/Numeracy is my
favorite part of adult education curriculum and I see such an enormous need
for our students to improve in this area and for our instructors to have the
professional development they need to help their students achieve math

I am very excited about this new list and hope to be able to add to the
discussions with suggestions for resources in the collection. I also hope
that you will help me identify new numeracy resources that should be a part
of the collection.

In this first week of the list, there have been several references to
resources we have in the collection. Dianna Baycich encouraged you to look
at "Preparing Students for College Level Math" and Kate Nonesuch mentioned
her own book, "Changing the Way we Teach Math: A Manual for Teaching Basic
Skills Math." Both of these resources are among those we have added to the
Mathematics/Numeracy Collection:
http://www.nifl.gov/lincs/resourcecollections/RC_skills.html#math. We are
also currently reviewing Kate Nonesuch's other publication she mentioned.

I thought you might want a very brief overview of the LINCS Resource
Collections. They are online subject-oriented collections of high-quality
instructional resources, including multi-media resources, informed by
research, especially scientifically based and other rigorous research, for
use by adult education and literacy educators. The high-quality resources in
the new LINCS Resource Collections are limited to items that have completed
a rigorous internal and external process in which researchers and other
experts in the field reviewed the resources and found them to be grounded in
scientifically based and/or other rigorous research.

The Basic Skills Resource Collection focuses on reading, writing,
mathematics and numeracy resources that can improve instruction in basic
skills. There are also two other collections that cover six other topics.
Resources in the Collections can be used directly in the classroom or can
provide the research findings necessary to develop contextualized
instruction (e.g., work, family, health, civics) to build adults' basic
skills. More information about all the LINCS collections can be found at


Take an opportunity to look at the resources that are now included. And
stay tuned as we announce the addition of new resources. Jean

Jean J. Stephens


865-567-0984 (cell)

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