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Kate Nonesuch Kate.Nonesuch at viu.ca
Mon Jan 25 08:01:13 EST 2010

Kathryn and Mary--
I book I'd recommend for math anxiety is Managing the Mean Math Blues by C. Ooten. One thing I especially like that she says is "Anxiety results when you are required to stay in an uncomfortable situaton where you believe you have no control." (sorry, I've lost the page number for this reference) This sentence really spoke to me since I pay a lot of attention to putting learners in charge of their learning.

This book is for high level readers, so most of my numeracy learners couldn't read it, but I found many useful ideas for helping reduce math anxiety in it.

Kate Nonesuch
Victoria, BC
kate.nonesuch at viu.ca
(250) 381-1824

From: Mary Corso
Sent: Sun 1/24/2010 11:51 AM
To: The Math and Numeracy Discussion List
Subject: [Numeracy 50] Re: Hello

Hello Kathryn, I also work in a correctional setting where you teach to the needs of the student even though it may not be the teachers forte. I too would like to learn some strategies in teaching basic math that would reduce stress levels in learners as well as myself. I believe that there is a math learner in all of us! Mary

On Sat, Jan 23, 2010 at 12:40 PM, Kathryn Baxter <kbaxinva at gmail.com> wrote:

Hello group! My name is Kathryn Baxter, and I have very little in common with most of you, but I am eager to find out more about your ideas for making Math less anxiety-producing.
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