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Clay, Anne aclay at gntc.edu
Thu Feb 4 17:48:31 EST 2010

Good points...I agree.
The link was to an inventory with information I thought was good information. I feel sure there are many other links and it all put together might produce good readingl.
I'm more concerned about the teacher's brain and it if is in gear!


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Subject: [Numeracy 105] Re: right/left brain

Oh, grrr, this is one of those inventories that rather thoroughly
conflates "right brain thinking" (a.k.a. whole-to-part) with "divergent
thinking." You can be very sequential, analytical and verbal and --
shocking! -- be creative, impulsive and disorganized.

I do try to figure out if a studnet I'm working with prefers
part-to-whole or whole-to-part. Then I start with their strength... but
be sure to point out what they're likely to miss. So my step-by-step
person needs to be shown the patterns and connections, while the big
picture guys need to practice attending to the details.

Susan Jones
Academic Development Specialist
Center for Academic Success
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sujones at parkland.edu

>>> "Clay, Anne" <aclay at gntc.edu> 2/4/2010 1:58 PM >>>

Here’s a good link.


Anne K. Clay, Lead Instructor
Polk Adult Education
Georgia Northwestern Technical College
466 Brock Road
Rockmart, GA 30153
Phone: 770-684-7521
Fax: 770-684-8710
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Hi Jennifer, although yours is geared towards a degree, (and
congratulations on that) I think we are all trying to find those tactics
and strategies for our work. I really like the 'quickly remediated'
part. If you do find that I do hope you'll share. Right now I'm focusing
on right brain math and what's interesting is that left brained teachers
(in my experience) can't stand it. Seeing numbers in patterns or
pictures is messing them up. And those who have already gone the route
of drill memorizing are also missing the point. So, I'm starting with
the one whom multiplication has eluded. First, determining whether they
are right or left brain learners. Not so easy to find a definitive test
on that. I took some and got different results every time.
Does anyone out there know of a reliable test for right/left brained
learners that can be printed out and evaluated on paper?

Linda Shilling-Burhans
Community Coordinator
Central Vermont Adult Basic Education
Bradford Learning Center

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From: Dudley, Jennifer<mailto:JDudley at pccc.edu>
Date: 2/2/2010 6:19:38 PM
To: 'The Math and Numeracy Discussion List'<mailto:numeracy at nifl.gov>
Subject: [Numeracy 94] hello

My name is Jennifer Dudley. I am currently the Director of Continuing
Education and Workforce Development at Passaic County Community College.
Over the past twenty-five years, I have worked at three universities and
one other community college. My educational background includes a Master
of Arts in Media from the New School for Social Research and an MBA in
Finance from Rutgers University. I am currently in the process of
finishing my dissertation with the first doctoral cohort for Community
College Leadership at Rowan University. My topic is the Community
College Student: Preparation for the Math Placement Test. The purpose of
my qualitative research study was to discover attitudes and beliefs
regarding the value of short-term interventions that could influence and
improve math placement scores for community college students at an urban
campus. It was my goal to explore possible test preparation tactics and
strategies to refresh math skills and/or address minor deficiencies that
could be quickly remediated. I looked for pretest and testing strategies
that would improve outcomes for math placement that would result in more
accurate student placements. I am scheduled to defend on March 31. Any
and all assistance is appreciated.

Jennifer Dudley, MB
Continuing Education and Workforce Development
Passaic County Community College
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Paterson, NJ 07505
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