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George Demetrion gdemetrion at msn.com
Sat Feb 6 14:56:37 EST 2010

Good afternoon all.

While I am an experienced adult educator I am a newbie math teacher, but I'm plugging away in my first transitions to college basic math course.

We've had two three hour sessions thus far in a 15 week course and things are moving along okay.

To be sure I've put a lot of time practicing my math through basic algebra and concentrating on the assignments in our weekly sessions.

I'm learning and I'm also getting a good experiential dose of math phobia, which in turn, in the process of transforming in the process of learning and then drawing on my overall teaching skills, especially incorporating basic explanation, a lot of practice and collaborative scaffolding instructional processes.

One technical question:

What is the difference between the Lowest (or least) Common Denominator and the Least Common Multiple and what different functions do they accomplish?

Keep it simple and straightforward, please.

George Demetrion

East Hartford, CT

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