[Numeracy 140] EMPower curriculum sample lessons

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Sherry Soares sherry_soares at terc.edu
Thu Feb 11 10:32:04 EST 2010

Hello folks,

Let me start with a warm "Thank You!" to those of you who have written
about positive experiences using our EMPower curriculum! The folks at the
Adult Numeracy Center here at TERC are very pleased that our series has
been beneficial to you and your students.

For folks that are interested in learning more about EMPower math, please
feel free to email myself or Mary Jane Schmitt. We'll be happy to answer
your questions and email some resources to you.

Sherry Soares
Sherry Soares
Project Coordinator
Adult Numeracy Center | Educational Gaming Environments Group (EdGE)
sherry_soares at terc.edu

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