[Numeracy 217] LINCS Resource Collection News, March 2010

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Kaye Beall kabeall at comcast.net
Mon Mar 1 11:13:08 EST 2010

Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS)

March 2010

LINCS Resource Collections <http://www.benchmarkemail.com/c/l?A2-535702477>

Basic Skills


<http://www.benchmarkemail.com/c/l?A2-535702481> Program Management

<http://www.benchmarkemail.com/c/l?A2-535702484> Workforce Competitiveness


LINCS Regional Resource Centers

Region 1

Kaye Beall

Boston, MA

kaye_beall at worlded.org

Tim Ponder

Kent, OH

tponder at literacy.kent.edu

Region 2

Beth Ponder

Knoxville, TN

baponder at utk.edu

Region 3

Paul Heavenridge

Oakland, CA

pheaven at literacyworks.org

Welcome to LINCS Resource Collection News!

Each month, we will feature one of the three LINCS Resource
Collections-Basic Skills, Program Management, and Workforce
Competitiveness-and introduce research-based resources that you can use in
your adult and family literacy programs and classrooms. This edition
features the
<http://www.nifl.gov/lincs/resourcecollections/RC_planning.html> Program
Management Collection, which covers the topics of Assessment, Learning
Disabilities, and Program Improvement.

What's New in the Program Management Resource Collection?

The National Institute for Literacy's LINCS Discussion lists hosted Brenda
Dann-Messier, the Assistant Secretary of the Office of Vocational and Adult
Education, January 11-15, 2010, for a conversation about reauthorization of
the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). More information about this conversation
may be found at <http://www.nifl.gov/lincs/discussions/10WIA>

plan_abs02.html> Assessment Strategies & Reading Profiles (ASRP) presents
research-based assessment practices for the adult education classroom. This
online diagnostic reading assessment, based on the ARCS Study, shows
instructors how to identify students' reading strengths and weaknesses. For
more information on this tool, join us at the
<http://coabeproliteracy2010.org/index2/> COABE/ProLiteracy pre-conference:
"Free, On-Line Adult Reading Assessment and Instruction Resources from the
National Institute for Literacy" Monday, March 15, 8:30 - 11:30 am.

An online discussion of this topic took place on the LINCS Assessment List
January 24-29, 2010, and more information may be found at

The discussion of dyslexia has been a hot topic on the Learning Disabilities
Discussion List recently. You can search the
<http://www.nifl.gov/mailman/listinfo/Learningdisabilities/> LD List
Archives to catch up on this conversation. Or learn more about dyslexia in
this Focus on Basics article:
plan_abs11.html> The Neurobiology of Reading and Dyslexia. The article
summarizes the research on dyslexia in a user-friendly manner and talks
about potential implications for adults with dyslexia.

plan_abs35.html> Building and Sustaining NRS Data Quality: A Guide to
Performance Improvement is a training guide with two purposes: (1) to
inform adult education teachers and program managers about the National
Reporting System and how to implement it and (2) to provide a model for
State and local level adult educators to use in building and using quality
data for program improvement.

How can I learn more about the Workforce Competitiveness Resource

Join us for the session "Program Management and Planning: Online Resources
at Your Service," March 18, at 4:15 during the
<http://coabeproliteracy2010.org/index2/> COABE/ProLiteracy Conference.

Or visit the Program Management Collection
<http://www.nifl.gov/lincs/resourcecollections/RC_planning.html> for
additional resources. Contact the Program Management Collection content
experts for additional information and to learn more about the resources,
technical assistance, and professional development opportunities that are
available at no cost. Assessment - Marie Cora,
<mailto:marie.cora at hotspurpartners.com> marie.cora at hotspurpartners.com;
Learning Disabilities - Aaron Kohring, <mailto:akohring at utk.edu>
akohring at utk.edu; Program Improvement - Gail Cope, <mailto:gcope at utk.edu>
gcope at utk.edu

What is LINCS?

LINCS is a service of the National Institute for Literacy, providing online
information and communication networks for adult and family literacy
practitioners. LINCS' offerings include Discussion Lists, Regional Resource
Centers, the Collections, and training opportunities. Learn more about
LINCS on the Web site: <http://www.nifl.gov/lincs/>

What will I find in the New LINCS Resource Collections?

The three new
LINCS Resource Collections, expanded this year, are comprised of items that
have completed a rigorous internal and external review. Use these resources
directly in the classroom or to guide development of customized programs and
classes. You can find more information about the new Resource Collections on
the <http://www.nifl.gov/> Institute's Web site.

National Institute for Literacy
1775 I St. NW, Suite 730, Washington DC, 20006
(202) 233-2025

Kaye Beall

Project Director

World Education

kaye_beall at worlded.org


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