[Numeracy 220] Seeking for Understanding

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Denney, Brooke denneyb at cowley.edu
Mon Mar 22 17:37:19 EDT 2010

Welcome back to those of you home from the COABE/Proliteracy Conference
held last week! There was a lot of great information given at this
conference but in one of the sessions that I attended a question was
asked about whether or not it was necessary for adults to "know" their
multiplication facts to be successful in a mathematics course/exam? Or
is it enough to understand the concept, that multiplication is
repetitive addition enough to be successful in a mathematics
course/exam? I thought this was an interesting question and therefore,
I would pose these same questions to the forum. What are your thoughts
about multiplication?

Good Day Everyone!

Brooke Denney

Math and Numeracy Moderator

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