[Numeracy 257] Re: Knowing your facts / Reducing stereotype threat

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Subject: [Numeracy 252] Re: Knowing your facts / Reducing stereotype threat

Lauri said: And when I see a
32 year old single-mother of 4 struggling to make it past her math GED
test b/c her rote memory of the times tables eludes her, I get so
frustrated with "the system". This same 32 year old has passed every
GED subtest, and a promotion is riding on her passing her GED test...it
begs the question...if she understands the concepts (and she does), why
hold her back b/c she lacks the rote memory skills to have rapid recall
of her math facts?

I encourage our GED instructors to have their students practice drawing/creating a times table in class. The students have the math concept of repeated addition, but cannot remember the multiplication facts for every number. Oftentimes they know many of the facts but get caught up in the stress of the exam. If they can quickly, and accurately create a times table on the scratch paper provided during the test, they will have something to refer to when they panic. My GED instructors try to make it fun during class, having races to see who can create the table fastest, working in groups, etc. The goal is to get the table created in under five minutes. It helps them learn the facts, but also gives them a crutch to use during the actual exam.

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