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Carol King cking at lyon.k12.nv.us
Tue Apr 20 14:49:47 EDT 2010

We teach what is tested and different communities value different
things. That is where the fight begins on national standards. Add to
that the fact that not everyone is ready for the same thing at the same
time. A national set of standards that all second graders will be doing
X in math doesn't allow for the flexibility we need to meet our
strengths and our weaknesses of our communities. Before standards we
need national agreement on what being a high school graduate means and
what it needs to show. Perhaps one type of high school graduate is
outdated? When our system started you needed to read, write, do
calculation, and know some civics. Now you have to add several sciences,
computers, health, several areas of mathematics (statistics, algebra 1
and 2, geometry, beginning trigonometry), geography, world history and
more. Maybe there is now too much to know for everyone to be a
generalist and our types of graduation should reflect that. If I have a
great mechanical mind why should I be kept from graduation and entry to
my field because I am terrible at the styles of writing like poetry and
persuasion (beyond what I need for my field)?
Carol King
Fernley Adult Education Center
cking at lyon.k12.nv.us

-----Original Message-----
"I am trying to understand why the idea of national standards or a
curriculum is objectionable. I am from Georgia and I see how bogged down
our state and local governments get in the politics of curricula. We
also linger towards the bottom in national tests like the SAT. What
would be so bad about having a set standard of math objectives for each
grade so that to say you graduated from a U.S. high school means that
your math education included whatever is in the national definition?
Another bonus would be that if students have to move during their k12
career, they are ready for their new school.

Christine Miller"
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