[Numeracy 369] Announcement: New Procedure for making Announcements

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Denney, Brooke denneyb at cowley.edu
Fri May 14 10:41:59 EDT 2010

Greetings to all LINCS Discussion List Members,

The moderators have been aware that, at certain times of the year, the
announcements that come through the list overwhelm the other posts and
become a burden to list members. Here's our suggestion for making
announcements more accessible to those who want them and less of a
burden to those who might not be interested:

In the subject line of an announcement post, state that it is an
announcement and then identify its subject.

Examples: Announcement: new online course on Learning Disabilities to
start May 29 or

Announcement: Webcast on transitioning for ELL or

Announcement: Job Posting or

Announcement: COABE sessions and Pre-Conferences sponsored by LINCS

Letting other list members know what the post is about helps them decide
whether to open the post or delete it and also helps anyone who wants to
consult the post again later find it among their other messages.

Note that LINCS Discussion List Moderators cannot make these changes in
messages that come into their lists for posting but can only approve or
reject each message. We have decided to start sending posts that are
announcements back to their authors for the modification of the subject
line, if they do not come in using this suggestion.

Thanks for your help and cooperation in making the lists more

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