[Numeracy 375] Teaching online map reading skills

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Vanessa Caceres caceresvanessa at yahoo.com
Wed May 19 12:53:36 EDT 2010

Hi everyone -- I work with Notebook, a publication for ProLiteracy members. I am wondering if you or anyone you know has experience teaching online map reading skills to ESL or literacy students. This could be lessons specific to MapQuest or similar online map reading/directions features. Alternately, if you or someone you know has taught students how to use a GPS system, that would be helpful, too.
I realize that teaching this focuses on reading, but I thought there might be some crossover with math as well.
You can contact me outside of the list at caceresvanessa at yahoo.com.
Thank you,
Vanessa Caceres
Editor, Notebook
notebookeditor at proliteracy.org
caceresvanessa at yahoo.com

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