[Numeracy 380] Transitioning from GED to Post-Secondary Ed

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Denney, Brooke denneyb at cowley.edu
Wed Jun 9 11:08:07 EDT 2010

Hello Everyone!

I just finished presenting at the Louisiana Adult Education Conference where I spoke about transitioning from GED to PSE. But after speaking with many of their wonderful instructors, staffers, administrators, etc. about barriers, it dawned on me that perhaps the discussion list should discuss the barriers that our learners face, the barriers that our instructors face, and how might we try to overcome them? How can we prepare our learners for the world of higher education? I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks!!

Also, I wanted to WELCOME all the new members we have to the list!! I encourage you to post a brief introduction about yourself and tell us what you hope to gain from being apart of this list. If anyone has questions or concerns please feel free to contact me off list at denneyb at cowley.edu.

All my best to everyone,
Brooke Denney, Moderator
Math & Numeracy List
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