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Sharon Shoemaker sharon_shoemaker at indep.k12.mo.us
Tue Jun 15 15:14:22 EDT 2010


It's some of us...but not just teachers. I asked on of our "GED"
textbook companies if they would produce an Algebra 2 or Trig book for
our students who want to go to college (they explain things so clearly.)
They responded by saying GED students couldn't understand and didn't
need that information. A little short-sighted I think.

Sharon L. Shoemaker

Literacy Coordinator

Independence Adult Education

600 W Mechanic

Independence, MO 64050


Six essential qualities that are the key to success: Sincerity, personal
integrity, humility, courtesy, wisdom, kindness. William Menninger

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A major barrier is "us" - well, not all of "us".

Many teachers in Adult Education/GED teach only the skills necessary to
"pass" the GED Math test, not to "excel" on the GED Math test. This
really gets on my last nerve just as robotically teaching a five
paragraph essay to "get passed" the essay though the student still
struggles with daily writing needs such as a note to a supervisor or
their child's teacher...heaven help post-secondary writing needs!

If we teach skills, not a test, at each literacy level, we will be
preparing our students for post-secondary education, workplace skills,
life skills, and life-long learning...not to mention the benefit to the
children in these families.

We are NOT "just" an Adult Education/ GED teacher, we are teachers!


Anne K. Clay, Lead Instructor

Polk Adult Education

Georgia Northwestern Technical College

466 Brock Road

Rockmart, GA 30153

Phone: 770-684-7521

Fax: 770-684-8710

New Email: aclay at gntc.edu

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I would like to hear what folks think are barriers, too. I'm more of a
reading and writing person and I would like to see the similarities and
differences with math. One thing I see for writing is that GED teachers
tend to teach students how to write a very formulaic 5 paragraph essay
as a way to pass the essay portion of the GED test. Unfortunately, this
in no way prepares them for the writing tasks they will be expected to
do in postsecondary education. Are similar things happening in math? Or
are the barriers different?


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Hello Everyone!

I just finished presenting at the Louisiana Adult Education Conference
where I spoke about transitioning from GED to PSE. But after speaking
with many of their wonderful instructors, staffers, administrators, etc.
about barriers, it dawned on me that perhaps the discussion list should
discuss the barriers that our learners face, the barriers that our
instructors face, and how might we try to overcome them? How can we
prepare our learners for the world of higher education? I can't wait to
hear what everyone thinks!!

Also, I wanted to WELCOME all the new members we have to the list!! I
encourage you to post a brief introduction about yourself and tell us
what you hope to gain from being apart of this list. If anyone has
questions or concerns please feel free to contact me off list at
denneyb at cowley.edu.

All my best to everyone,

Brooke Denney, Moderator

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