[Numeracy 427] New Resource from New Zealand on LINCS Numeracy Collection

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Jean Stephens stephej2 at ohio.edu
Sun Jul 25 14:39:52 EDT 2010

A new resource, Literacy and Numeracy for Adult, has been added to the LINCS Mathematics/Numeracy collection that is an excellent resource for teachers or tutors, whether they are new or experienced in numeracy instruction. Although this website developed by the New Zealand National Centre of Literacy and Numeracy for Adults has resources on various reading and mathematics topics, the section, Make Sense of Numbers to Solve Problems, is the one highlighted in the collection.

The Make Sense of Numbers to Solve Problems resource is based on research of effective adult literacy practices and was developed to support the learning process. It is based on a premise of three elements--know the demands, know the learner, know what to do—all leading to planning targeted lessons and activities to support learning progressions. This PDF download is almost a hundred pages long and is supported by a chart that clearly shows the progression of numeracy from a low level to a high level for additive strategies, multiplicative strategies, proportional reasoning, number sequence, place value, and number facts.
The resource includes possible diagnostic questions to assist in determining the level of students and 30 activities for use with students to strengthen their understandings in the various progressions of the topics above. The activities specify what mathematical understandings are in the activity, resources needed, guided teaching and learning sequence for the activity, and a follow-up activity for the students.
I will be interested in hearing from some of the participants on this list whether you find this resource useful in your teaching.
Jean Stephens

stephej2 at ohio.edu
865-567-0984 (cell)

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