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Istas, Brooke IstasB at cowley.edu
Thu Jul 29 10:36:25 EDT 2010

Good Day Everyone!

I realize that Summer has kept many of you from participating in Math and Numeracy Discussion. Like many of you, finding time to do all we need to do in a day can be challenging at times. But, I believe this list can help us to improve professionally as administrators, researchers, instructors, and students, we just need to find a few moments to share our expertise with each other. Is that not why you originally signed up to participate on this list?

Therefore, changes are going to be in the works to improve the participation on this list. If you have a topic that you would like to discuss, something you found to be interesting that you would like to share, or an issue that you have run into that relates to Math and Numeracy then post it to the list. The goal is to see this list as a learning community, after all, there is a WEALTH of expertise and knowledge found here but we must be willing to participate.

With that, here is a math challenge that was posted on Twitter:
"5 geese in a gaggle produce 55 eggs in 5555 days. What is the avg. # of days it takes a single goose to lay an egg?"

Have a great day and let's talk!
Brooke Istas
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