[Numeracy 447] Announcement: Culminating Discussions - Using Social Media in Teaching and Professional Development

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Jackie A. Taylor jackie at jataylor.net
Sun Aug 1 11:56:21 EDT 2010

Culminating Discussions: Using Social Media in Teaching and Professional

August 2-6, 2010

Part III of a 3-Part Technology and Professional Development Discussion on
Building Adult Education Technology Capacity



Join participants on the Professional Development
(http://www.nifl.gov/mailman/listinfo/Professionaldevelopment/) and
Technology and Distance Learning
(http://www.nifl.gov/mailman/listinfo/technology) Discussion Lists to
discuss experiences learning social media tools for use in professional
practice. These culminating discussions are the last part of a 4-week summer
learning experience on using social media in teaching and professional
development. Anyone can participate. Whether you joined in small groups,
online courses, workshops, or engaged in self-study to learn social media
tools, subscribe to either List to discuss your experiences. Questions we'll
explore include (but are not limited to):

* What were some successes you encountered learning and using this
social media tool?
* What were some considerations or challenges you faced?
* What are your recommendations for using this tool in teaching or
professional development?
* For what purpose(s)-if any-do you plan to use this tool in your

Share your social media accounts that you use in teaching or professional
development (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa photo collections, Nings,
Wiki's, blogs, and more). Tell us why you use the social media
professionally (or why your organization does) and ways it's been helpful
thus far.

To participate: Subscribe to either the Technology and Distance Learning
(http://www.nifl.gov/mailman/listinfo/technology) OR the Professional
Development (http://www.nifl.gov/mailman/listinfo/Professionaldevelopment/)
Discussion List (your choice!).

Follow @TechPD <http://twitter.com/TechPD> and hashtags #TechPD and #SMPD
for the backchannel on Twitter.

For more information, visit:

Help spread the word!

We hope you join the discussions,

Jackie Taylor

Professional Development Discussion List Facilitator

jackie at jataylor.net

Nell Eckersley

Technology and Distance Learning List Facilitator

NellE at lacnyc.org

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