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GREER, Karen Karen.Greer at victoriacollege.edu
Thu Aug 5 11:02:04 EDT 2010

I teach fundamentals and my students try distance learning and do not do well. They all say they need in class and one on one help. They come in with so many undeveloped skills and need remediation. Keep us posted. Karen Greer Victoria College Adult Ed.,

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Hello All!

I have been working with my director on designing a research project that will show quantitatively that Adult Educators know how to teach and retain development math (numeracy) students who are not college ready better than an on-line program. While I love the on-line math program that is used by our mathematics department, I believe that low-level learners need to build self-confidence, deal with their emotions, and build connectivity. I am interested in what my colleagues think and feel about on-line numeracy education. Can it be done?

Have a great day!
Brooke Istas

Thursday Puzzle:
John and a group of his friends took a bus trip. Each person paid the bus driver with the same combination of 9 coins. If the bus driver received $8.41 from the group, how many dimes did he receive?

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